WorQFlow Solutions

WorQFlow Solutions is a uniquely run staffing firm operating in the Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem. After three years of business operations, the WorQFlow founders came to us looking to elevate their digital presence. As a growing company, they wanted to polish up their existing site on Squarespace, begin marketing more consistently, and develop reporting tools to track company health.

CustomReporting Tools

We created an internal commissions report to highlight each team member’s monthly progress and projected revenue. This report allowed the founders to easily identify their most profitable clients and draw conclusions on where to invest their time. We also designed a candidate report template that they could easily regenerate in Google Sheets and share with each client for at-a-glance insight.

Website Redesign

On a limited budget, we were tasked with freshening up WorQFlow’s existing website on Squarespace. We chose new imagery, typography, and graphics to use across the site and refined their messaging to ensure their services were more clearly articulated.

Email Signatures

When the WorQFlow team initially approached us, they were looking for a simple refresh of their email signature. We designed a modern template that conveys the brand in a professional way.

Content & Email

We designed their first quarterly email campaign, which highlighted a series of blog posts that we edited. We also consolidated and cleaned up their database of email subscribers into a single list so they can more easily send emails through Mailchimp.