OEM Car Key Mall

After successfully selling car keys on eBay, a family-owned business was ready to expand their reach. The founders of OEM Car Key Mall approached us to help launch their brand. We created their visual identity, a powerful eCommerce website, and an extensive product database to track their inventory of over 1,200 products.

Branding & Collateral

We worked with the team at OEM Car Key Mall to establish their visual identity. We chose custom icons, imagery, typography, and a color palette that was bold and could accommodate many offers across each communication. We then used those brand assets to design email signatures, email templates, and printed fliers.

Powerful & Intuitive eCommerce

We designed and developed an eCommerce website that allows customers to browse and purchase over 1,200 car keys. To accomplish that, we built a database on Google Sheets and Shopify, enabling the founders to manage their inventory and ensure smooth business operations. The database allowed them to manipulate data easily for global or local inventory updates, track orders, and monitor product performance.

Email Campaigns

We designed an email template in MailChimp that the OEM Car Key Mall team could generate future emails from.

Smart Inventory Management

We created a comprehensive product database to help OEM Car Key Mall track their inventory of over 1,200 products. The database was created especially for Shopify and included custom HTML code so new products could easily be imported into their website by team members.