Get to Know Us

Solflower Marketing is a boutique digital agency based in Atlanta. We specialize in brand development, website design and development, and marketing campaigns for small and medium businesses. Our mission is to help brands grow through memorable digital experiences that tell their unique stories.

We’re passionate about creating brand experiences that excite people. From our professional work to personal life, we bring energy and enthusiasm to everything we do. We seek out client partnerships that personally excite us, and we harness that emotion to create campaigns that motivate your customers. We approach each client relationship with a drive to understand your goals, customers, and products, and to collaborate with you to help realize your vision.

So, why Solflower? Sol, Spanish for sun, is the most important source of energy for life. Sunflowers look toward the sun as they grow and are a symbol of warmth and joy. Similar to how we care for these beautiful flowers, our goal is to nurture and grow your business with care and attention.

Meet Our Team

Yoni Havana

Design & Development

Originally from Tel Aviv, Israel, Yoni is a serial entrepreneur, business strategist, and technology expert. Since being introduced to the Internet as a kid in the 90’s, he has considered himself a tireless student who is always searching for the next cutting edge technology. In the last 15 years, Yoni has built his portfolio by creating dozens of apps and websites and founding his own startup. Yoni strives to live his fullest life possible, focusing on optimizing internal systems, movement, and longevity.