Shrugged Collective

We began working with the Shrugged team in 2017 when their podcast, Barbell Shrugged, was number one in the Health & Fitness category on Apple Podcasts. By establishing a more comprehensive digital presence, we helped expand their business further as they grew from a single podcast into a network of 13 shows.

Branding &Logo Design

As the Shrugged Collective expanded their portfolio, we designed logos for several of their newly acquired shows. We also designed media kit templates so the team could easily create unique, professional-looking offers for each potential partner.

Website Design & Development

We designed and built the online infrastructure to serve as a hub for this growing podcast network. It included unique show pages for each of their 13 podcasts, where each page highlighted their latest shows, partnerships, and offers.

eCommerce Store

We built an eCommerce store to sell merchandise, online courses, and consulting sessions. To accomplish this, we connected the Shrugged team with a fulfillment center to produce, process, pack, and ship their merchandise.

One Ton Challenge

Originally created by John Cena, the One Ton Challenge was designed for fitness enthusiasts to test their strength at lifting over 2,000 pounds. We created The One Ton Challenge Program website, where fitness enthusiasts follow a 13 month training program in an effort to complete the challenge.

Marketing Campaigns

We created integrated campaigns across their digital channels to effectively promote their products, including banners, pop up ads, email templates, as well as social media posts, stories, and ads. We also set up advanced analytics dashboards to help the team determine which content performs best and where to invest their time.


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