The Swig Company

The Swig Company is a privately owned real estate investor based in San Francisco, CA, with an 80-year history of investment, development, partnership, and management of commercial properties. We helped revamp their digital presence by redesigning several key pages on their website, featuring their latest efforts that promote sustainability and innovation.

Website Design & Development: Sustainability

The Swig Company is deeply committed to creating a sustainable future, including minimizing the footprint of the built environment while maximizing the positive impacts of their managed buildings. We created a new sustainability landing page to highlight their efforts to support the environment and communities around their buildings. Focusing on conservation, efficiency, and responsible practices, we highlighted their innovative sustainable building operations as well as their healthy indoor and outdoor environments.

Website Design & Development: h3experiences

The Swig Company was looking for an informative landing page to highlight their new initiative, h3experiences. We created a new page to highlight their flexible workspaces, new technology, wellness offerings, sustainable environments, and community programs. It was important for The Swig Company to maintain the styling they had already established for this program, so we used their bright color palette, typography, and shapes as the foundation for the new page. Since they also had existing messaging for the program, we identified and fine tuned the most important points and highlighted them in a concise way.