Creative Ape

We helped a first time entrepreneur take his dream from idea, to business plan, to launch. After starting to build a website himself on Squarespace, the Creative Ape founder realized he lacked the technological skill set to customize it to his liking. We took the reins to finish the site and crafted his brand story into a clear and compelling narrative.


Creative Ape is an innovative approach to health and wellness that is paving the way people integrate work and life. We helped tighten up Creative Ape’s brand story, mission statement, and product messaging so that their unique concept could be explained in a simple way to prospective clients. We also chose graphics, imagery, typography, and a color palette that would best complement their existing logo.

Website Design & Development

On a tight budget, we partnered with the Creative Ape founder to fulfill his vision for the brand’s website on Squarespace. His goal was to ensure that his new concept could be clearly communicated across the site in a straightforward, no nonsense approach. Within the site, we created a password protected area for customers to access certain premium products and trained him to update the content in this area himself.