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Introducing! Solflower Marketing

Introducing! Solflower Marketing

We are proud to announce the launch of our marketing agency, Solflower Marketing, based in Atlanta, Georgia. Solflower Marketing is a boutique digital agency specializing in brand development, website design and development, and marketing campaigns. I oversee content and business development, and my husband, Yoni, oversees graphic design and web development.

Our Story

When Yoni and I met in 2013, I was working at a global ad agency on the HP account, while he was growing his startup, Favorize. We would often consult with one another when looking for a second opinion on work projects. After a few years, we realized how complementary our skill sets are to one another — both of us marketers, where I’m the writer and editor, and Yoni is the designer and developer.

After our daughter was born in January 2019, we both made a commitment to create a life that was mutually exciting and challenging, with a focus on happiness and longevity. In May, we moved our family from San Francisco to Atlanta as a step to achieve those goals. Nearly a year later, we continue to make our dream a reality, now officially joining our skills and creating work for clients together.

Why We Focus on Websites

Because of our changing world, we believe more and more people will have the motivation and means to start their own businesses and move their work online. In the digital age, a website has become an essential marketing and sales channel, often functioning at the core of most successful businesses. And not just any website, but one that’s attractive, clear, and user friendly.

Over the last few years, we’ve encountered countless friends and small business owners who struggle with DIY websites. While these tools certainly serve their purpose and give so many people access to create a website that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to, DIY websites also have an expiration date. As your business grows, many business owners will realize they’ve outgrown their DIY website, too. They’ll begin looking for other solutions that offer more customizations and impressive features to showcase their unique offering.

Our Difference

Our speciality is storytelling through custom websites, and we also bring 25 years combined experience in integrated marketing and brand development. Because Yoni and I handle everything ourselves, we’re able to guarantee personalized care without outsourcing any of our thinking. We can guarantee speedy delivery to clients, since we are selective about the jobs we take on, while sparing them from big agency price tags. We also pride ourselves on our creativity, openness, and flexibility and our ability to share that with clients.

Most importantly, we’re excited to open our own agency that blends our expertise with our passions. Our clients will quickly learn we both share a true passion for health, wellness, food, fitness, and nature. We diligently seek to discover new products and services that support local businesses and improve people’s lives.

So without further ado, we invite you to check out our Solflower Marketing website. If you or someone you know who may benefit from working with us, please drop us a line at hello@solflowermarketing.com.

Estee Maya Shechter|Author

Originally from Miami, Florida, Estee has 15 years experience in brand management, advertising, and marketing. Estee loves to write, edit, strategize, and art direct, and also bakes and paints in her spare time.